Thursday, October 4, 2012

My first live with Machine is approaching! Scary...

This Saturday will be the b-party of Julian, aka J2N, a good friend of mine and also a very good "old-school" dj. He opened my horizons towards the different variations of drum n bass, his style of choice. 
A person like him wouldn't let a random person taking care of the music for such event, so my other good friend Thomas, aka Consomateur, myself and Jeroen (another dj who I haven't met yet) will be taking care of the music vibes that night. 

I have so decided to attempt my first live performance with Machine, since I'll be in a friendly environment and I won't worry too much about making mistakes.
But I figured, I have to learn how to play this way, so I better start ASAP! 
Is it scary? Hell yeah! 
I'm used to mix with cdjs or turntables, which allow you to control the tempo of the tracks in the mix to make sure they're on beat. On Machine this is not possible! 
The good thing is that with such instruments, you can literally chop the tracks in multiple parts giving you a little bit more control on the tunes playing. 
Although, you do need a lot of memory to remember which sample is where and when to start it. 

My decision of playing with Machine was not rushed at all. I firstly tried to synchronize my device with Ableton Live instead that with its own software. But it turns out that my trial version of Ableton Live doesn't allow me to do so. So I have attempted to learn how to use Thomas' MPD (the device he'll be mixing with), but I just found it so difficult to get used to! 
The sensitivity of the pads is completely different and the device itself obviously works differently too.
So I thought: "If I'm going to play live, I may as well do it with my own instrument!"
I have been trying some stuff mixes lately and it works just great! 
I've decided that I'll mostly play stuff from artists I found on Soundcloud (Cuthead, Ta-ku, Flume, Stiver, Sorrow etc.). I'll start with some instrumental hip-hop and electronica, go through funky beats in the middle and then finish with future garage and dark-dubstep (so Thomas can start with his own mix - which kicks asses by the way! -). 
If I manage to record the mix, I will definitely share it on my Soundcloud.
It'll be a fun night! 

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