Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Live with Machine? Check!

What a party last Saturday!
True, not too many people and basically none of them dancing, but it was good!
Well, Scott's Irish Bar is surely not known in Brussels for playing the kind of music we performed, so I guess that could be an explanation.

I have received some positive feedback from the people present, even if seeing them dancing would have been a much better form of appreciation!
I made a couple of mistakes during the set, just because I got confused with some pads, but apart from those two, I felt it going quite smoothly.
As I said in my previous post, I prepared a mix of hip-hop, trip-hop, some electronic music I have trouble categorize myself, future garage and dubstep.
And when I say dubstep, I do not mean Skrillex or similar sounds, but more like Burial or 2562.
Our set up for the night. MPD32 and Machine.
The tracks were pretty much all taken from Soundcloud users.
I have decided that until I'll have the chance to properly record the set and upload it on my Soundcloud, I'll just post the track-list of the set at the bottom of this post.
Because to be honest, I am more interested in promoting those artists and their beautiful tracks than my own set! Moreover, the attempted recordings I have done are of awful quality and with a few mistakes in it. That is not actually the only reason, in fact, me and Consomateur have decided to make our two sets in one sole set in which we try to recreate the actual events of the party.
Apart from the "gig", I have worked with Consomateur on a new track, which is coming out really great for the moment!
I think it could be a potential tune for our coming EP.

Anyways, enough said about this!
Hope you'll enjoy the tracks of my selection.

1. Simon SMTHNG - Humanoid Typhoon
2. Flying Lotus - Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)
3. Cuthead - Dallisan
4. Matt Miller & Kilter - Gravel Pit (Flume Remix)
5. Flying Lotus - Melt!
6. Cuthead - The Poncho
7. Flume feat. Jezzabell Doran - Sleepless
8. Boogie Belgique - Stairway to USSR
9. Adjaman - Accusing the Radio of Hypnotism
10. Kofe - Bee
11. eLan - I Can't Breath
12. Siriusmo - Rockwurst
13. Stiver - Self Confessed
14. Coma - Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night
15. Andrea - Work the Middle
16. Regal Safari - Lake

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