Thursday, September 27, 2012

A gift from the sun.

I was trying to organize my thoughts to give priority to one artist in particular, so I asked myself: "Which musician has lately had a big impact on my music making and listening?".
The answer to this question was: Sun Glitters.

Now, I don't really have a lot of information about the artist himself, apart from the fact that he is from Luxembourg and his name is Victor Ferreira.
However, he is definitely not unknown to the post-dubstep and electronic music scene.
BBC Music has in fact reviewed what maybe is his main and most famous piece of work: "Everything could be fine".
Several tracks of this album have quickly become symptomatic of the genre."Too much to lose" and "Everything could be fine"are certainly two of those. I personally found myself listening to these tracks over and over for several days without being able to listen to anything else!
His music truly has the power to take you some place else due to its dreamy atmospheres, relaxing vocals and loud reverbs. Sun Glitters is a very active Soundcloud member; his page is updated quite often with new mixtapes (all download free), tracks and remixes (also for free in many cases).
Sun Glitters is carrying out a very important activity of collaboration within the artists that in a way or another happen to be very close to his style.
I believe this is very important in order to constantly promote innovative sounds and up and coming artists. Thank to Sun Glitters and his work, I got introduced to others musicians such as Regal Safari, Twin Empire and Space Ghost, to name a few.
Regal Safari caught my attention with his own remix of "Too much to lose", which after several listenings has probably become my favorite remix of a Sun Glitter track. I guess the reason is because it gives a completely different twist to the original version, which I really did not expect.
Twin Empire with the track "All" by Blackbird Blackbird, probably my favorite post-dubstep track ever, opens one of the most variegated mixtapes that you can find on Sun Glitters' Soundcloud. Twin Empire was recently interviewed on the BBC Radio where he also performed an astonishing dj-set.
Last but not least, Space Ghost, probably the most unrelated artist compared to the others I mentioned, but still quite similar in many aspects. This musician is able to adapt his sound to purely hip-hop rhythms to electronic or even minimal tunes without compromising his own music identity, which is not easy to do.

Getting in touch with Sun Glitters' sound and with all these artists, deeply changed my way of making music in terms of inspiration and technique.
I still use their tracks as one of my main source of ideas for new productions and demos.
So get on those Soundcloud pages and download some free, inspirational and great music!

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