Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little music vacation in Cambridge.

So yeah, I am in Cambridge visiting my girlfriend and I am taking this opportunity to make loads and loads of music, since she is studying like crazy for her master anyways.
It's been quite productive so far: I was able to finish my remix of "Revival" from the Halo 4 OST and work on other beats I had left unfinished for way too long.
The remix for Halo 4 was done to enter the competition for best remix, which I do not count on winning since loads of very good and famous artists (such as Caspa, Gui Boratto, Sander Van Doorn etc.) are participating; but it was good to enter as a way of practicing on a cool sound package such as the "Revival" one.
I have to say I am quite happy with the final result and I think I'm going to use my own remix in my gigs maybe as an intro.
What's waiting for me back home.
Apart from the remix for Halo 4, I have been working with Consomateur on the tracks of our EP and it feels like endless work! We are often able to find things to improve or change in our tunes and we always get new ideas for the structure of the album itself. Up until now, we have focused on having a precise idea of what we wanted in terms of general sound of the album, but now we have to concentrate on the track-list, the mixing and especially the mastering of the tracks.
Moreover, I'll also have plenty of work to do once I'll be back in Brussels, since my friend Julian left all of his dj gear at my place. He is going away for a few weeks and doesn't want to leave his equipment unguarded for all those days with his not beloved housemates around. As I mentioned in a previous post, he is a drum n bass dj, so I will certainly have lots of fun mixing with his vinyls!
Hope my neighbors like drum n bass and dubstep!!!

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