Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have always wanted to have my own blog and I did not realize how easy it was to have one nowadays! So here I am! Being music my only obsession and real addiction in life, I have decided to start a blog that would share my experience in this field. So, the main idea of this blog will be to give commentaries about albums, tracks and music events. I will try to give a complete overview of all the styles of music I listen to; however, being a Dj and producer of electronic music, I will tend to stick more towards computer music, which I consider to be a very very VERY wide subject.
The main concern of this blog will be to promote or at least suggest alternative and innovative music that I believe should get more attention than what it already has. To this purpose, I use Soundcloud a lot, so sometimes I will be referring to artists that may sound almost completely unknown to the average of music listeners.
Some other times I will just speak about an artist I randomly found out about buying an album or listening to him live in a festival.
I will however try to avoid really commercial music, essentially because everybody else is talking about it anyways, so I don't find it that interesting and fun to review.
I would also like to update this blog with my own music inspirations and experimentations. I am in fact a Soundcloud member and I upload several times a month some of the projects I work on daily.
Right now I am working on an EP with a friend so I will report news concerning the making of the album and the genres I am focusing on.

Hope this blog will inspire some people to listen to some of the artists I write about and maybe to share some of their music taste.

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