Monday, January 2, 2012

Best Christmas wishes ever from Michael Buble'!

Well, Christmas just passed by, so I figured it would have been nice to review a Christmas compilation. I am not a big fan of Michael Buble', but I got the album for my mum as Christmas gift and she loved it! We listened to it in the car all together during our family drives around to visit relatives and friends and I have to say; well done Michael! The selection of songs is truly amazing and they are all well interpreted by the singer. Not that I have ever discussed Mr. Buble's talent, which he indubitably has, but once an artist decides to make such an album reinterpreting classics like "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas", "Jingle Bells", "All I want for Christmas is you" etc., which are songs that are perfect within themselves already, I was curious to see the final result.
I have to say my first impression was not the best one. In fact, the album starts with the song "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas", a song that reminds me of my Christmassy childhoods watching the movie "Home Alone 2". So for me that song is by Johnny Mathis, that's it! It just sounded a bit wierd to me to hear another voice on those notes singing those words. If I have to make another personal critic, it would be about the song "Ave Maria". I like the personal touch Michael gave to it with its amazing voice, but I am still of the idea that song should be lyrical like the original version is. Although my favorite version of it is by Geoff Zanelli and is in the "Hitman" O.S.T.
Apart from these two very personal critics, I believe Michael Buble' did an amazing job on this album. "Jingle Bells" reinterpreted in pure jazz style, is genuinely inspiring and really gives you the feeling of Christmas, despite the big differences with the original version.
So, if you are a Michael Buble's fan or you just like Christmas music, I really suggest you to add this album to your collection for your next Christmas!

Grade: 9/10

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